Younes Elamine is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Agadir in southern Morocco. He began his musical journey while studying mathematics in Casablanca, and has developed a unique musical style. It’s an earthy, grounded music, with a philosophical slant, taking much from the deep-rooted musical traditions and reflecting the influences of international cultures and artists.

From Casablanca, Younes moved to France and his life became nomadic. Over a period of 5 years, he lived and studied mechanics in Belfort, mathematics and computer science in Marseille and management in Toulon. Living in different cities brought him the chance to live new experiences and learn from other cultures.

While working in business development in Nice, Younes realised two truths: the first was the profound connection he had with music, the second was a deep desire for his life’s work to strengthen this connection. It fueled his passion, and he changed his life to follow a path of creativity.

In 2009, while living in Nice, Younes recorded his first album, Nouveau Décor, a five track EP. The record was well received and earned the respect of a loyal fan base.

Younes’ next move was to Paris, where his growing credibility opened doors. He continued working with high caliber musicians and playing intimate sessions at concerts and festivals. It was in Paris, in 2012, that he recorded Episodes – his LP album. Episodes.. because every track told a story. Through this record Younes explores how time and experiences affect and influence the path of our life. He looks back and ponders the future, as he tries to find man’s place in the world; and, if not answer, then reinvigorate the question, what is the meaning of life?

In 2018, he released a new Single in Arabic named "Mandhar Ghrib". It was recorded and produced in London.

Younes now lives between London, Paris and Agadir, and is a well-known artist in the nurturing music scene. He describes music as his ‘magnificent obsession’ and creativity a 'gift that has to be used'. He tirelessly pushes himself to reach new levels, with a determination to continue working and perfecting his music, as he seeks to fulfill his life’s purpose.

Written by Richard Jebb - WTW

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